Frequently asked questions

Are you CRB checked?

Yes, all teaching staff have been CRB checked and hold Enhanced Certificates.

What ages are the classes for?

Our group Speech & Drama classes are available for 6 – 14 year olds.

Our Reading classes are for age 5 and over.

Private Speech & Drama tuition is for age 5 and over.

Private Reading tuition is for any age.

Are classes just in term time?

The weekly classes tend to follow school term times unless otherwise stated. However, we do also run some holiday workshops.

Do I have to pay for the term in full?

We normally ask that you pay for either a full or half term in advance. If you pay for the full term we offer a 10% discount.

Please contact us to discuss other options.

Is there any discount if more than one of my children comes?

Yes. If more than one of your children are enrolled on the same class or workshop, each additional sibling will receive a £1 discount off the cost of every lesson or workshop session.

Do you offer any other concessions?

If you are currently unemployed and in receipt of benefits we offer a 30% discount per child (not available with any other offers). Please provide evidence of your unemployment status from the Job Centre at the start of each term/workshop.

Do I pay if my child misses a class?

For group lessons, terms are usually paid for fully in advance. If, at the start of the term, you inform us of any dates your child will not be attending, then these weeks will not be included in your fee for that term.

Do I need to tell you if my child is going to be late or miss a class?

Yes please. That way we won't worry when they don't turn up.

Can I come into the class with my child?

We don't allow parents to come into the class while we are teaching as we find it is a distraction to the children and can therefore disrupt the work that they are doing.

If your child is shy we have found that if the parents are present they will just cling to them and remain by their side. However, once they have been left with the group they soon integrate, make new friends and forget they ever had any concerns in the first place.

What does my child need to bring to the class?

They should bring their class folder and something to write with.

Does my child need to wear anything in particular?

We don’t have an Academy uniform as we like the children to be able to express their individuality but, when doing the Speech & Drama classes, it is important that they dress comfortably and are able to move freely without any restrictions.

Can my child eat during the class?

Eating and drinking during the class is not allowed as it can distract other students and takes time away from the lesson.

If your child needs to eat or drink for medical reasons, please let us know as under these circumstances we will obviously make an exception.

Will I be able to see my child perform?

Yes. Throughout the year we film some of the work that the children do and this, along with work done in the holiday workshops, is made available on DVD for you to buy.

Also, once a year, we have a 'Red Carpet Event' where the children get the opportunity to see themselves on the big screen in a real cinema! This is certainly an occasion to share with family and friends.