This was our 2012 Summer Holiday Workshop. Please see here for our latest events.


A young boy and girl learn how a splash of colour and sparkle can make for an exciting adventure as they take a step back in time.

If you like to Act and have ever fancied being in a film, then why not join them and leap into the world of black & white movies to discover for yourself how there’s always a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

During our week-long summer holiday workshops in Newark-on-Trent you will create and produce your very own film, while having plenty of other fun activities along the way! You will also learn a little about how a film studio works and what goes on behind the cameras. No previous Acting experience is required and, if Acting’s not your thing, then don’t worry, as there are plenty of behind-the-scenes roles to fill too!

Some of the filming takes place in front of the rather magical green screen - as used in many Hollywood blockbuster films -  which allows you to use filming 'locations' that are limited only by your imagination! Another firm favourite is our clapperboard, which the children absolutely love to use.